How to start a career in agriculture

September 27, 2022
Carley Potter, talent acquisition operations specialist at CHS, shares tips for job seekers new to the agriculture industry.


What’s Next for the Farm Bill?

September 21, 2022
Will Stafford, CHS Washington representative, provides a farm policy update and discusses how mid-term elections could influence the next Farm Bill.


Fall soil fertility best practices

September 15, 2022
Fall fertilizer applications can help balance spring workloads and ensure crops have the nutrients they need for a strong start next season. Mark Herz, technical product specialist for CHS, offers best practices for managing fall crop nutrient applications.


How to manage a tight fuel supply as harvest nears

September 13, 2022
There are several factors creating a tight diesel supply this year. Scott Svacina, vice president of refined fuels sales for CHS, describes how farmers can prepare to keep their operation running through the harvest season.


Crop marketing plan fundamentals

September 6, 2022
Creating a customized, easy-to-follow grain marketing plan is critical for maximizing farm revenue potential. Patti Uhrich, a commodity broker at CHS Hedging, shares tips for developing a successful crop marketing plan.