2023 Farm Bill Expectations

December 7, 2022
Will Stafford, CHS Washington representative, discusses how results of the midterm elections could affect the 2023 Farm Bill.

With midterm elections largely decided, the ag industry is looking forward to a new farm bill. The current legislation expires at the end of next year, and if a new bill isn’t drafted, programs funded by mandatory spending can’t continue without an extension or reauthorization. Will Stafford, CHS Washington representative, says he is hopeful that Congress will work together to create a 2023 Farm Bill that supports the industry and addresses top challenges farmers face.

Small-scale changes expected

Stafford says that, unlike past farm bills, which had major overhauls, legislators are likely to make small changes for the 2023 Farm Bill.

“As far as farm policy goes, Title One and crop insurance programs that farmers rely on will likely see small-scale tweaks to enhance operation rather than something entirely new like we’ve seen in the past,” says Stafford.

Advocating for farm policy

To get a new Farm Bill across the finish line, Stafford says Congress must be engaged in the policies that affect farmers most, which isn’t always easy.

“When you’re speaking to a legislator about crop insurance, you’ve got about seven seconds before their eyes glaze over,” explains Stafford.

He expects pushback from the left and right about programs, including crop insurance, which will require advocacy from industry leaders.

“We have Congressional leadership in place that has been through this before and was able to execute a strong farm bill for farmers. I’m optimistic the new Congress will get something passed by the end of 2023.”