Keep kids safe on the farm

June 27, 2023
Brian Kuhl, CEO of the Progressive Agriculture Foundation, shares advice and resources to help keep kids stay safe on farms and in rural communities.


3 steps to a profitable crop plan

June 20, 2023
Dylan Tacke, a CHS agronomy specialist, explains why farmers should develop a crop plan that accounts for unexpected in-season agronomic challenges.


Expanding access to global markets

June 13, 2023
John Griffith, executive vice president of ag business with CHS, described how market access program funds benefit U.S. farmers during a recent congressional hearing on international trade.


Clearing hurdles for the next farm bill

June 6, 2023
The U.S. House and Senate agriculture committees are working to draft a new farm bill before the current bill expires this fall. Will Stafford. a CHS government affairs team member in Washington, D.C., says he’s cautiously optimistic lawmakers will reach an agreement, although they have hurdles to overcome.