Three benefits of premium diesel fuel

January 3, 2023
Erin Wroge, senior product manager for refined fuels marketing at CHS, highlights three benefits of using a high-quality premium diesel fuel to power equipment.

Farmers make many decisions throughout the growing season, but may not realize how much fuel choice could impact their operation. Erin Wroge, senior product manager at CHS refined fuels marketing, outlines several benefits to be gained by choosing premium diesel fuel.

More reliable performance

The Cenex® brand from CHS has reformulated its premium diesel fuel to enhance product performance with cleaner-burning fuel. Improved filterability and biostability of Cenex premium diesel fuels helps it stay clean to flow efficiently through fuel system components.

“The enhancements to our premium diesel formulation add reliability. Our customers know the fuel they purchase will be ready, clean and effective, whether stored in a tank or in their equipment during the off-season. The integrity of the fuel won’t be compromised by contaminants or environmental elements,” says Wroge.

Less equipment downtime

In addition to enhanced performance, reformulated Cenex premium diesel fuel helps reduce downtime by preventing fuel contaminants that can clog injectors and filters, reducing equipment runtime efficiency.

“When a producer, fleet operator or a construction manager needs equipment up and running, they can’t have it sitting on the sidelines. A cleaner-burning fuel improves system efficiency and helps maintain equipment parts, minimizing downtime,” explains Wroge. Cleaner-burning fuel can also help reduce equipment maintenance costs over time.

More bang for your buck

“Cenex premium diesel includes seven additives to enhance performance and advanced, aggressive detergency for cleaner fuel combustion. Our additive package is injected at the terminal, which means we precision-blend the formulation within the base fuel at the terminal. That improves fuel quality and ensures a more consistent product,” says Wroge.