Clearing hurdles for the next farm bill

June 6, 2023
The U.S. House and Senate agriculture committees are working to draft a new farm bill before the current bill expires this fall. Will Stafford. a CHS government affairs team member in Washington, D.C., says he’s cautiously optimistic lawmakers will reach an agreement, although they have hurdles to overcome.


Harvest for Hunger supports local food banks

May 30, 2023
Food insecurity is on the rise, increasing the demand on food banks throughout rural America. Learn how co-ops and communities are rallying to help fight hunger.


Make the most of your herbicide investment

May 23, 2023
Effective weed management is complex and requires investment. James Rose, a weed management specialist with CHS, provides tips to help farmers make the most of their crop protection investments.


Reduce horn fly populations to improve cattle performance

May 16, 2023
Horn flies can be a costly production challenge for cattle operations, hurting performance and adding health concerns. Adding an effective fly control supplement to rations can help reduce horn fly populations. Learn how to integrate supplements into your feeding program for season-long horn fly control.


Road safety tips for busy seasons

May 9, 2023
When large farm equipment must travel rural roadways, it can be a dangerous time for drivers. Matt Surdick, CHS senior environmental health and safety manager, offers tips for sharing the road safely..


How shifting fuel demands are affecting crop production

April 11, 2023
More consumers are expected to transition to electric vehicles in the coming years. Nelson Neale, head of CHS global research, explains what that means for farmers and highlights new market opportunities.