On-farm inflation-fighting strategies

July 26, 2022
Extreme inflation can be a negative force for farm profitability, but Nelson Neale, vice president of CHS global research, shares how farmers can weather uncertainty to manage margins.


Decision-making amid price volatility

July 19, 2022
Inflation and market volatility are impacting purchasing and marketing opportunities for farmers and ranchers. Nelson Neale, vice president of CHS global research, offers insights and strategies for coping with price swings. 


Practice ATV and UTV Safety

June 28, 2022
ATVs contribute to more than 100,000 injuries each year. Brittney Nelson, a senior risk management representative with Nationwide, offers tips to keep operators safe on and off the farm.


Give early weaned calves a good start

June 21, 2022
Early weaning can be an effective strategy to manage forage supply for beef herds during drought conditions. CHS Animal Nutritionist Cory Parsons shares recommendations to reduce stress and get calves off to a good start when weaning day comes early.


Can strong commodity prices offset input costs?

June 14, 2022
Strong commodity prices should influence crop protection plans this year. CHS Agronomy Technical Specialist Codee Lee shares what you can do now to capitalize on increased revenue potential.


How to manage high farm diesel prices

June 7, 2022
Rising agriculture diesel costs are cutting into farmers’ profit margins. Jason Schwantz, CHS senior vice president of refined fuels, explains why diesel prices are on the rise and offers advice on how to minimize effects on the farm.


Agriculture supply chain disruptions continue

May 24, 2022
Agriculture supply chain issues continue to cause disruptions for farmers, ranchers and retailers. Justin Cauley, senior director of transportation at CHS, explains how transportation industry labor shortages are playing a role and what to expect.


Smart farm data management protects your business

May 10, 2022
Cybercriminals prey upon the ag industry and may use creative tactics to access your data. CHS chief information security officer, Sarah Engstrom, shares tips to safeguard your business.


Prioritizing mental health on the farm

May 3, 2022
Joy Kirkpatrick, a farm succession specialist with the University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of Extension, offers tips for managing mental health during the busy spring season.


Successful weed control starts in the spring

April 26, 2022
An effective weed control strategy stops weeds before they can compete for resources. Corey Klaphake, CHS agronomy technical product specialist, offers these spring weed control tips.