Launching a career at CHS

December 19, 2023
Lauren Bucci, a talent acquisition manager with CHS, offers a peek into job and ag internship opportunities available at the nation’s largest farmer-owned cooperative.

Is a farming background required for those looking to work in the ag industry? Nope, says Lauren Bucci, a talent acquisition manager with CHS.

“There is no shortage of opportunities available in the agriculture industry. At CHS, opportunities span across a number of teams,” Bucci says. “We have opportunities across teams that aren’t directly related to farming. As someone who does not come from a farming background, I can say with experience that it’s a very welcoming industry.”

Bucci explains that opportunities span many different areas of the company, ranging from agronomy and transportation to roles that support CHS refineries, plus countless opportunities at CHS headquarters in Minnesota and retail locations across the country.

Ag Internship Opportunities Available at CHS

If there’s a full-time position at CHS, there’s likely a related ag internship to match, Bucci says.

For students studying agriculture, there are many internship opportunities in agronomy operations and agronomy sales, such as crop scouting and grain origination. In CHS energy businesses, both mechanical and chemical engineering internships are available to those interested in working at refineries or ethanol plants. On the corporate side, CHS has internships available across finance, supply chain, IT, human resources, marketing and communications.

“Whatever the field, we’re looking for people who have a passion for what they do,” Bucci says. “We’re also looking for individuals that embody our values of integrity, safety, inclusion and cooperative spirit.”

Where Can You Learn More?

If you’re looking to learn more about ag employment and internship opportunities at CHS, visit jobs.chsinc.com. There, you can view current openings for full-time and internship positions and hear testimonials from former interns and current full-time employees.

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