Is your diesel fuel meeting engine needs?

December 20, 2022
Erin Wroge, senior product manager at CHS refined fuels marketing, explains how the Cenex® premium diesel formulation has evolved to support modern engine technology.

From the farm equipment that produces a crop to semi-trucks that haul food across the country, diesel fuel powers the food supply chain. As a leader in refined fuel production and distribution, the Cenex® brand is delivering premium diesel with improved characteristics to meet rapidly evolving needs.

Evolution of the premium diesel formulation

Erin Wroge, senior product manager, CHS refined fuels marketing, says the new Cenex premium diesel formulation is a valuable enhancement. “We didn’t take anything away with this new formulation. Cenex premium diesel will still have the seven additives that provide enhanced performance. The changes we made to the formulation increased the value of those additives.”

The new Cenex premium diesel fuel includes advanced, aggressive detergency for cleaner fuel combustion. The detergency enhancements help ensure that contaminants or environmental elements won’t compromise fuel integrity. “We have enhanced filterability and improved biostability of our premium diesel fuels, and we’ve reaped the benefits that are provided to exhaust after-treatment systems,” says Wroge.

Innovation that passes the test

To ensure the new premium diesel formulation was up to industry standards, the CHS energy team completed a competitive analysis against other leading fuels. “We learned that we should make some improvements to our package based on what was going on in the industry,” says Wroge. “In order to keep our flag firmly planted in innovation, we needed to move to the next generation of Cenex premium diesel.”

Diesel for modern engine technology  

Wroge says the next generation of Cenex premium diesel has been a long time coming. “It’s been 10 years since we last updated our robust, comprehensive additive package for Cenex premium diesel fuels. And in that time, we’ve seen an evolution in engine technology with ever-increasing requirements for emission standards and the need for greater fuel economy.”