Is your equipment ready for planting season?

March 22, 2022
Kyle Parker, district manager for CHS lubricants describes the importance of well-maintained equipment for a successful planting season.

Preparation for planting season has begun and that includes ensuring equipment is ready for the rigor of planting once fields open up. Laying out an equipment maintenance schedule is a good place to start.

“Ideally, we recommend that you service equipment in the fall before you put it away for the winter,” says Kyle Parker, district manager for CHS lubricants. “However, if you were not able to do that, now is the perfect time to prepare for spring planting by stocking up on premium quality oils and greases and take oil samples. This can help you avoid untimely errors, repairs and downtime later.”

Check equipment health with a used engine oil analysis

Cenex® distributors offer LubeScan® used oil analysis kits. This comprehensive used oil analysis tool helps identify problems before they turn into downtime that keeps equipment out of the field. Similar to walking your fields, a LubeScan used oil analysis kit provides a simple way to check inside your equipment to ensure all components are operating as expected.

“The LubeScan used oil analysis kits will tell you what’s going on inside your engine. A used oil analysis, checking fluid levels and re-applying grease points will go a long way toward keeping your equipment running and out of the shop when the sun is shining.”

Don’t forget other crucial equipment components

Besides checking the engine equipment health of your machinery, other maintenance tasks should include greasing bearings, ball joints, steering components and hitch pivot points, says Parker. Using the proper grease is important to help reduce friction, protect against corrosion and seal out dirt and water. Greases are not all created equal, and the color of the grease does not depict its benefits, he warns. Looking at the compatibility of the greases you already have on hand is important to confirm compatibility. All greases contain a thickener technology, which can be compatible with other thickeners. By understanding your thickener technology you can ensure the grease you are applying to your equipment will function as expected. This will help extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs down the road. Resources like a compatibility chart can help ensure you’re using the right product for your application without mixing thickeners.

“Knowing your equipment’s needs and understanding grease compatibility will keep your equipment running smoothly,” he says. “Cenex offers a wide variety of greases for farm machinery. Premium products like Blue Gard® 500+™ and Red Protect XT® are great options for general multipurpose use on the farm.”

For more information about Cenex branded lubricants and greases talk with your local Cenex dealer or visit cenex.com.