Harvest for Hunger supports local food banks

May 30, 2023
Food insecurity is on the rise, increasing the demand on food banks throughout rural America. Learn how co-ops and communities are rallying to help fight hunger.  

Local food banks are struggling to meet community needs as rising food costs strain family budgets. Dan Andersen, chair of the CHS Harvest for Hunger campaign, says rural communities have rallied to help local food banks address hunger.

Harvest for Hunger supports regional food banks

Andersen says some local food banks don’t have the necessary food supplies to meet the needs of their communities. That’s why, every spring, CHS employees from across the country work with farmers, ranchers, community organizations and businesses to fight rural hunger through the annual CHS Harvest for Hunger food, funds and grain drive.

“There’s a genuine need in rural America to help regional food banks and shelves. The Harvest for Hunger campaign is helping alleviate some of the pressure food banks face,” Andersen says.

Since 2011, Harvest for Hunger has donated more than $8 million and 4 million pounds of food to charitable organizations. This spring, the program raised $610,000 and collected 110,000 pounds of locally grown food. These donations will support more than 90 food-related charities across the country.

Local communities showcase their generosity

Andersen says he’s amazed by the generosity of local communities participating in Harvest for Hunger.

“CHS Farmers Elevator, located in Circle, Mont., recently participated in a Harvest for Hunger event,” he says. “The town’s population is 585 people, and nearly one-third of them showed up to prepare 223 meals to raise money for this charity. It warms my heart and speaks to the value of cooperatives in rural communities.”

Andersen says CHS will continue to support initiatives like Harvest for Hunger to create connections and empower those involved in agriculture.

“Our farmer-owners, employees and communities are making fantastic contributions to improve the vitality of rural America. CHS is proud to be part of this charitable network,” Andersen says.