Navigate 2024 seed decisions

November 7, 2023
Jim Levos, a seed sales manager with CHS, discusses new seed technologies to help farmers manage crop production risks in 2024.

The 2024 seed decision process started for many farmers shortly after the 2023 crop was planted. They evaluate germination, emergence and seedling vigor. During harvest, growers assess overall plant health and yields.

Season-long observations and data are coupled with new seed varieties, hybrids and technologies to make seed decisions to bolster crop production.

New Seed Technology for 2024

For 2024, Jim Levos, a seed sales manager with CHS based in North Dakota, says farmers can expect new seed technologies from Allegiant® Seed and Bayer to address plant disease and other crop production challenges.

As far as insect pressure goes, Levos says corn rootworm pressure continues to be a problem in northeast South Dakota, southeast North Dakota and western Minnesota. The right seed can help mitigate yield losses, he says.

“In 2024, SmartStax® PRO technology can help with pressures we expect to emerge next year, such as corn rootworm,” says Levos. “VT Double PRO® corn is available for farmers who raise conventional corn.”

Many soybean growers noticed heavy white mold pressure this year due to late moisture, even though conditions were very dry most of the season. Sudden death syndrome (SDS) is another disease soybean farmers should pay attention to, Levos adds.

“To address some of these challenges prevalent in soybeans, make sure you’re getting seed with good ratings for white mold resistance. For weed control, consider XtendFlex or Enlist E3® soybeans,” he says. “There are some new technologies in soybeans for SDS, but farmers should definitely still look into a fungicide to help increase overall crop production.”

Navigating new seed technologies can be difficult. For farmers seeking advice on seed decisions, Levos recommends reaching out to their local CHS or cooperative agronomist to learn which hybrids, varieties and traits may help them meet their crop production goals.

A man and woman standing behind an ATV with CHS Allegiant corn seed in the back on a sunny day next to a red barn