Keep farm safety top of mind this spring

April 5, 2022
Make sure you’re ready to (safely) roll this spring. Matt Surdick, CHS health and safety manager, provides farm safety tips for the 2022 growing season.

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World events affect U.S. river traffic, farm decisions

March 29, 2022
Ben Doane, CHS barge freight manager, discusses how global events are impacting barge traffic on the U.S. river system and how that logjam will affect input availability and grain marketing options.

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Is your equipment ready for planting season?

March 22, 2022
Kyle Parker, district manager for CHS lubricants describes the importance of well-maintained equipment for a successful planting season.

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Plan ahead to beat a tight crop nutrient market

March 8, 2022
Todd Dysle, CHS crop nutrient expert, talks about fertilizer considerations ahead of spring planting and how world events are affecting the crop nutrient market.

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Farm policy updates from Washington, D.C.

March 1, 2022
Will Stafford, CHS Washington representative, discusses farm policy changes that will be considered by Congress this year, including the next farm bill.

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Prevent grain bin accidents

February 22, 2022
Jason Berkland, senior associate vice president of risk management at Nationwide, a major insurer of U.S. farms and ranches, discusses the importance of Grain Bin Safety Week. He encourages everyone working around stored grain to understand the risks associated with grain bins and to follow these farm safety tips.

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South American harvest impacts U.S. soybean market

February 15, 2022
Joe Lardy, market intelligence and insights analyst with CHS Global Research, discusses the recent soybean production drop in South America and how it might affect U.S. farmers.

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Sunny outlook for sunflower crops in 2022

February 8, 2022
Devin Gaugler, CHS grain origination specialist, discusses why sunflowers might be the right fit for farmers’ crop rotations this growing season.

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The right nutrients to prepare for calving season

February 1, 2022
Cash Yount, animal nutrition sales manager with CHS, shares how proper nutrition helps make a successful winter calving season.

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Preparing cows for winter calving

January 25, 2022
Cash Yount, animal nutrition sales manager with CHS, shares how delivering good nutrition and maintaining optimal cow body condition can help you achieve a successful winter calving season.

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