Is tight supply impacting fertilizer prices?

October 19, 2021
Todd Dysle, CHS crop nutrient expert, discusses how supply shortages could impact fall fertilizer and spring planting decisions.

The historically high fertilizer prices growers are seeing today are based on several unexpected global factors, says Todd Dysle, CHS crop nutrients expert.

A string of unpredictable incidents has significantly diminished overall fertilizer production. Potash shortages are due to a major mine flooding in Canada, while Hurricane Ida took out around 300,000 tons of phosphate production. The inadequate nitrogen supply is due to the complex combination of plant maintenance issues, ongoing logistics challenges from Hurricane Ida and, most recently, spiking gas prices in Europe.

“Supply is tight today and supply is expected to remain tight through spring,” says Dysle. “Crop nutrient prices are much higher than a year ago, so growers need to be proactive and ensure they have a plan going into next season.”

He recommends growers reach out to their local cooperative as soon as possible to secure crop nutrients — not only for this fall, but for next spring as well.

“Waiting until next spring to buy crop nutrients is going to be a decision many growers may regret,” warns Dysle. “You will not be able to just show up at your co-op when you’re ready to get into the field and expect to get crop nutrients.”