CHS and the cooperative system work for you, finding new ways to enhance grain revenue through value-added processing and customer connections.

766 million bushels of grain originated annually

Wheat milled through the Arden Mills joint venture

153 million pounds of sunflower seeds processed

  • CHS sunflower processing statistics
  • 68 million pounds for human consumption
  • 85 million pounds for bird food

100 million bushels of soybean processed

CHS soybean processing statistics

  • 2.5 million tons of soybean meal
  • 1.3 billion pounds of soybean oil refined
  • 115,000 tons of soybean hulls
  • Foodservice and retail products through the Ventura Foods joint venture
  • PlastiSoy® epoxidized soy oil used in food wrap and medical applications
  • Defatted Honeysoy® soy flour for baked goods
  • Defatted soy white flake for food and protein production

525,000 tons of canola seed processed

CHS canola seed processing statistics

  • 300,000 tons of canola meal for feed
  • 440 million pounds of canola oil refined

93 million bushels of corn processed

CHS soybean processing statistics

  • 70 million pounds of corn oil refined
  • 710,000 tons of DDGS for feed
  • 260 million gallons of corn ethanol

Finding new uses for commodities

One example of adding value is our next-generation adjuvant formulated with refined soybean oil made from soybeans raised by co-op farmer-owners.

CHS refined soybean oil adjuvant process

  • Soybeans are grown by cooperative farmer-owners
  • Soybeans are harvested
  • Soybeans are marketed through the cooperative system
  • Soybeans are crushed and the oil is refined at cooperative facilities
  • Refined soy oil is used as a component in adjuvants
  • Adjuvants are added to crop protection products to improve performance
  • Protected crops add yield and value for cooperative farmer-owners

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