The cooperative system succeeds by doing what’s best for its owners. This shared purpose is why CHS built a world-class crop nutrient supply chain to get cooperatives and farmers the inputs they need when they need them.

CHS Agronomy supply chain facilities

  • 23 crop protection warehouses
  • 294 bulk storage tanks
  • 8 million tons of fertilizer distributed annually
  • 50 fertilizer terminals
  • ATS production in McPherson, Kansas
  • CF Nitrogen partnership producing 1.7 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer annually in Port Neal, Iowa; Woodward, Oklahoma; Yazoo City, Mississippi; and Donaldsonville, Louisiana

Galveston, Texas deep-water port and river terminals

CHS supply chain statistics

  • Provides access to global markets
  • Balances domestic production with imports
  • Serves regional needs by rail, river and truck

Delivering despite historic floods

Here’s how CHS put farmers’ needs first and flexed its supply chain network to deliver crop nutrients when the U.S. river system shut down.

How fertilizer got from river to farmers

  • Millions of tons of fertilizer stranded
  • Shipped from import terminal to river terminals by car
  • Loaded from river terminals into trucks
  • Additional nitrogen secured via CF Nitrogen partnership
  • Distributed to co-ops throughout the country
  • Delivered to farmers and applied to hungry crops

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