From the oil field to the farm field, the farmer-owned cooperative energy supply chain keeps your operation running.

Two farmer-owned refineries in Laurel, Montana and McPherson, Kansas

CHS refinery statistics

  • 175,000 barrels per day processing capacity
  • 400 million gallons of fuel storage
  • More than 3 billion gallons of refined fuels produced annually

CHS Energy statistics

  • Crude oil sourced from North America
  • 50,000 barrels of crude oil purchased from Midwest landowners per day
  • 200,000 barrels of crude oil transported per day
  • 2,000 miles of pipeline to move crude oil and energy products
  • 1,400 Cenex® brand convenience stores
  • More than 700 trucks safely delivering crude oil and fuels
  • 18 million gallons of lubricants produced annually
  • Local co-op experts providing energy service and expertise

CHS Propane

CHS Propane statistics

  • 1.8 billion gallons of owned or leased propane storage capacity
  • 160 propane terminals owned or leased throughout North America
  • 122 million gallons produced annually
  • Tracking every bushel from farm to customer

More diesel per drop of crude oil

You depend on diesel power, so CHS has made decades of engineering investments to maximize diesel fuel production.

What each barrel of crude oil is refined into

CHS refinery statistics

  • 51% gasoline
  • 44% diesel
  • 2% propane
  • 4% other byproducts

Traditional refinery statistics

  • 45% gasoline
  • 25% diesel
  • 4% propane
  • 24% other byproducts

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